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Ben Russel is a full-time artist, and a college graduate holding a BA in San Jose State's Film Department as well as Studio Art. Having been a Personal Assistant to various celebrities, he has a background in the Film and Music Industry.  He can now be seen at various Galleries, Comic and Horror Conventions. 

His love for comics, horror and movies are apparent in his portfolio; with pieces that range from realism portraits, to fully colored pin-up compositions.

Thank you for being part of the journey.

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Ben Russel San Diego Comic Con

It's my privilege to travel all across the country to interact, engage, and have fun with you at some of the best conventions ever.

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New Art and Products

Ben Russel Book of Faces

Coming soon: Ben Russel's Book of Faces.

A collection of some of my best portrait drawings throughout the years.

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Instagram: @BenRussel.Art

Facebook: Ben Russel, Artist & Illustrator